Writer’s block-One simple and effective tip to overcome it

By now you must have noticed that writing is an unconscious process or subconscious process. Just like you do not use your mind consciously for speaking in your mother tongue, you really do not need to think about writing. Writing or creativity or intuition or any other creative process happens by itself when you are allow it to happen. Remember the last time you wrote some great stuff. How did the whole process felt like? Did it happen by itself?Or did you have force yourself for that?

The primary reason one could be experiencing a writer’s block is he/she simply fell out of alignment with the creative force within. In order to re-align again, all you simply have to do is write. Just write anything. Here are simple things to keep in your mind before you pick up your pen. 

1. Do not try to produce great content. Do not intend to write the next ‘Hamlet’. Your goal is simply to let your subconscious mind speak on itself, while you are being the passive observer of the whole creative process. 

2. No need to write any story or anything of importance. Take that burden off your subconscious mind-the need to sound great. Simply put down your pen on the paper and start writing anything that comes to your mind. Yeah, we recommend that you revert back to handwriting (old school style), at least until you re-align with your creative source once again.

3. Forget grammar, punctuation and all linguistic rules. Forget about using the right words. Just write. Write as if you have just learnt this language. Totally free yourself from the burden of sounding like an English professor.

4. Do not pause. Do not think. Just write. You could be writing about your day or the moon. But just do not pause. Forget about spaces also. Like this-Iamtotallyfreefromallsillyrulesandwritingishappeningunconsciouslyitfeelsgreat. Do not worry, it  does not look this bizarre when you are writing on a paper.

I am totally free from all silly rules and writing is happening unconsciously it feels amazing.

This technique works like magic and soon you will be free from all the non-sense that has been blocking you from your creativity. We believe writer’s block as such does not really exist, it is simply the conscious mind that gets in the way of the greater creativity process and blocks it. All you need to do is get your a** out of the way and everything soon shall be in its proper place. 

Summary of the whole article: Surprise yourself. Big time!!

Best wishes


Life.. is it faith based or evidence based?

Imagine that you have just boarded a flight and occupied your seat beside your co-passenger. You can feel that your fellow passenger is really anxious and his anxiousness getting worse with every passing moment. The plane has not even taken off yet. 

You asked him in concern, ‘Sir, is everything OK?’.

He did even not bother to reply you and you started looking out the window as a means of minding your own business. After a while, he slowly mumbled the words ‘Planes crash now and then! This plane might crash. We won’t land safely!’. You understood clearly that he is making up stuff in his mind and told him reassuringly, “Well, everything about this plane has been tested and verified by professionals, So don’t worry. We are going to have a safe trip.”

He asked, “How do you know for sure?”

You said, “I am not sure, but lets say that 1 plane out of ten billion planes crashes and so statistically it is less likely that it crashes!”

He asked, ” What makes you believe that this plane is not that one in the billionth?”

You have no real answer for this question, and started wondering “Maybe it is a good thing that we have the ability to believe in whatever we want to!”. By that point you started looking for the air hostess to request for a change of seat. You realized that sometimes the most rational thing a human can do is to have a little faith in the eventual good.

The point of this post is not to make you believe in God or in some Zingo despite the lack of evidence. It is simply to highlight the truth that as humans we are not as evidence based as we believe ourselves to be. We believe in what we want to believe to make the reality more bearable for us. Sometimes if you do not believe/hope against all the odds that eventually everything is going to be alright, you are making your life a living nightmare.

Binary theory of existence

Can darkness be defined without light?  Of course, the very concept of darkness would not arise if there were no light. Therefore, it is impossible that darkness be defined without light. Similarly, light cannot be defined without darkness. They exist in pairs. They always have to exist in pairs.  Similarly try to define zero? You cannot define or even conceptualize zero without one. Simply zero possibly cannot exist without one. They mutually define each other and cannot exist without one another (well, I know this just sounded like the story of a very romantic couple!). Similarly you cannot say that ‘nothing’ existed before big bang or before god made this world. Well, you can say it but that does not make sense either grammatically or logically. If ‘nothing’ was there before, does not that mean nothing ‘was’ there before? Nothingness and something-ness arrive together or even better, they were always there together. They always will be there together. So nothingness and something-ness always have to co-exist if they were to exist at all. Nothingness is not nothing until there is something to define it. So like 0 and 1, this nothingness and something-ness always existed in pairs. Binary. Yin-yang. Male-female. Black-white and so on.

The nothingness is Existence or existence of nothingness.  Existence cannot know itself (its own existence) without awareness. Therefore, existence exists because of the awareness. Therefore, lets call that something-ness as awareness. And that something cannot be ‘something’ if there is no awareness of nothingness. And also that something exists because there is nothing (existence).


Touch of Insanity

The concept of time changes so drastically depending on what you’re referring it to. Whether it’s something concrete, like the hours in a day, or something like a series of moments. Sometimes it’s nothing more than an abstract perception.

I really do believe that life is a series of moments. That the impact and importance of certain situations holds value over the duration of certain entities – people for example.

There are people that could be a dominant part of your life for years and hold less impact than someone you’ve known for months. What make them different are the moments and situations that you experienced with those people. And there are those times where everything flips. People will come and go or they disappear, whether it happens unexpectedly or it was bound to.

Who would have guessed that those abrupt moments in ‘time’, when you have the wind knocked…

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Blogging made easier for beginners!

1. Flow with that feeling of why you wanted to write something in the very first place. Feel and align with that spark within. Write whatever you feel like writing. Write down everything that is in your mind without any inhibitions. Do not think twice concerning if it is making any sense at all. Forget about grammar. Forget about sentence construction. Focus on that feeling. Let that feeling expand and take you over.

2. You are its first reader. But you do not need to be its first critic. Postpone any need for sounding perfect. You did not set out to write the best blog ever. You set out to write your best in this moment. Whatever you write now is your best for this moment. 

3. Publish it when you are still writing it. Publish it as soon as you can. Write and publish. Publish and write. Marvel at your own published blog.


4. Wonder how this blog is being written? This blog is  self-generating for it is parallely describing how it is being made. It is a work in progress. Rome is not built in a day, but sure they began building it on one particular day and that is today. 

5. Yeah, when you are writing it afresh, some stuff might look iterative. Just like how you felt right now that I am talking about the same thing over and over, again and again. Maybe I am trying to emphasize a point using different sentences, or maybe I am simply unaware of my repetitiveness? But who cares? Not me though!

6. Corrections can be made later. Improvements can be done later. Improvements can be added later. You can always improve it later (well, this sounds better. Does not it?)

This blog may be made concise and further improved upon later. But for now, this is what comes to my mind. This is what all I can write at the moment. Hope this is still helping you! Start writing something NOW. Express yourself.

The problem with the Law of Attraction

Thoughts create your reality and your thoughts attract things into your life. That is Law of Attraction (LOA) for beginners. There is one big problem with the Law of Attraction though. It is just too simple. It is just too simple for a complicated mind which believes that world and life ought not be this simple. When enlightened beings like Buddha who having gone to the depths of their minds declared,”we are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world”, we must know that they were not kidding with us. Therefore, it is just our complicated minds that are not aware of its own complications, cannot grasp the simplicity of the Law. There is no separate reality apart from what you perceive and think. You are the center of all your creation. Even better news is that reality responds to your feelings and your thoughts and can always  be altered for better if you wish so. We are not just some puppets that are placed here on this planet earth to figure out what this is all about, we are here to explore various potentials and possibilities and the Law absolutely permits and helps you in the process. As a matter of fact, it is the Law that created you. We simply need to let go of the belief that reality and world is something that is out there. Reality is HERE and NOW, and now as you are thinking it, you are simultaneously creating it.

As within, so without.